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iJumpTV 79: Does your work have meaning?

Does your work have meaning? If you run a company, is there meaning in every piece of work?
Equipped to Lead talks about how to create an organisation that treats every stakeholder – from staff to suppliers to management – as real humans with real needs.
What does this have to do with social media? Social media [...]

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Stay Fit with Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell trainers believe that scheduled exercising is vital. If you want to achieve your desired fitness goals, you’ll have to employ a step-by-step plan into your fitness regime.

Kettlebell training workouts increases the amount of exercising time by several minutes each day for a particular workout. As you get better at exercising, the intensity or duration of your workouts is progressively increased and your goals are changed. What tends to happen is that individuals stay motivated as their progress has been quick enough and there is always a new goal to look forward to. As a result, most people get encouraged and continue exercising out of a feeling of realized accomplishment and a craving for further success.

A kettlebell instructor gives you enough time to adapt to the different workouts and make sure there are no initial setbacks. Furthermore the fitness programs are completely tailored according to your fitness goals and capacities.

Kettlebell trainers believe that scheduled exercising is vital. If you want to achieve your desired fitness goals, you’ll have to employ a step-by-step plan into your fitness regime. Personal trainers increase the amount of exercising time by several minutes each day for a particular workout. As you get better at exercising, the intensity or duration of your workouts is progressively increased and your goals are changed. What tends to happen is that individuals stay motivated as their progress has been quick enough and there is always a new goal to look forward to.

Kettlebell Training

As a result, most people get encouraged and continue exercising out of a feeling of realized accomplishment and a craving for further success. Boot camp instructors give you enough time to adapt to the different workouts and make sure there are no initial setbacks. Furthermore the fitness programs are completely tailored according to your fitness goals and capacities.

Kettlebell trainers always emphasize on the importance of group exercising. Exercising on your own can be a lonely experience. If you are exercising at home you may often be reluctant to exercise on your own for a whole variety of reasons.

Kettlebell personal trainers feel that exercising with other people can increase your enjoyment of exercise and help you maintain your fitness program. You get to meet new people and also develop a sense of conviviality with them. They will encourage you and vice versa, meaning that everyone is much more likely to achieve their short and long term goals. The grouping of members creates an atmosphere of healthy competition and you will be amazed to find out how incredibly encouraging it is.

Functional training often incorporate group tasks into the daily workout schedule in which members rely on each other to accomplish a collective goal. You can even discuss your goals with your boot camp friends, and help each other out to keep the motivation high.

Here is something new and exciting: you can lose weight with the help of a Personal Trainer who can plan for you nature walks. The advantage for some people of nature walks guided by your personal trainer is that this is an enjoyable low-impact to moderate-impact type of workout that engages and stimulates your senses in an outdoor, natural environment which has many advantages.

For some who are slightly to moderately overweight, a nature walk under the supervision and guidance of your personal trainer is just the right thing to help you lose weight. It is so fun and inspiring walking in nature. You forget about yourself and you look around you breathing the fresh air and delighting in all the natural beauties of God’s creation: trees, rocks, flowers, rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, you name it: you can find it on a nature walk with your personal trainer.

And the advantage of walking vs. Running is that it is easy on your knee joints and your back: no sudden jolts to your body as compared to the stress on muscles that you can be exposed to by running. Slowly but surely, you will lose weight; and you will have fun doing it with the help of your personal trainer.

Bring plenty of bottled water along so that when you are thirsty, you and your personal trainer can stop and get a drink of bottled water. Expect to work up a sweat when walking an hour or more in nature under the supervision and guidance of your Functional training workout. Your personal trainer knows the glamorous, natural spots to take you during your hiking or walking expedition. There is so much to see, natural wonders, out in nature. And being exposed to a little sun each day is good because your body flourishes with the Vitamin D (and having a healthy tan looks good, too). But don’t forget to put a little sunscreen on if you plan to be walking more than a half an hour at a time. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage skin cells, and produce wrinkles over the long term if you don’t take care of and protect your skin properly with sunscreen. A nature walk, though, is excellent for getting your metabolism up so you can burn fat quicker.

A nature walk directed by your functional fitness workout can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. A nature walk does not feel like a dreaded “workout” where you are overwhelmed with the exercise. Contrariwise, a nature walk is easy-going, care-free, and filled with fun and outdoor adventure. During your nature walk, take a look at the natural beauty around you: the birds, the wildlife, the cloud formations, close-ups of plants, and the topography. When your mind is focusing on adventure, there is no time to fuss or bother about tension about losing weight; rather, the pounds just melt away without you even realizing it. That is why nature walks under the guidance of your personal trainer are so fun and effective.

One of the major reasons why people do not indulge in fitness activities is because they do not find time to go to exercise. Furthermore, not every neighborhood has a fitness center and driving a long distance to attend a fitness center is not a feasible option for many. New mothers are not likely to leave their babies at home alone to attend a fitness class. For all such people, a home-based workout routine is the best form of exercise they can adopt. If you are under the impression that working out at home is bereft with disadvantages due to lack of equipment, then you need to think again. Working out at home can be a huge advantage if you hire a personal trainer Hills District, because he can turn your home into a self sufficient fitness center. Personal trainers have their own equipments and fitness kits that you can use to enhance your level of fitness. You can be comfortable in the familiar environment of your home and workout without hesitation.

To attend an outdoor fitness centre there are several ingredients that make up a good exercise session with your Personal Trainer: good latin music with a catchy rhythm; latin dance moves taught by your personal trainer that give you core strength; and motivation to learn new dance moves in order to get physically fit.

Exercise by means of dance moves to music under the instruction of your personal trainer can be so fun. Gloria Estefan can’t be wrong when she sang: “The rhythm is gonna get you”.

Swinging your hips as you dance forward and back is a great workout, and your personal trainer will guide you through the steps to a leaner, more sexy body.

When you have a functional trainer showing you the latin dance moves, you will learn the choreography easier and quicker because you will have individualized attention. Dancing helps you to lose weight, and losing weight is good for your health as well as giving you a beautiful body. Indeed, dancing is fun. Working up a sweat to latin dance moves is the perfect way to get fit. Your personal trainer is present each step of the way to direct you in the right direction. Practice makes perfect as your personal trainer knows.

Your personal trainer will work with you to simply the seeming complicated moves required to do latin dancing. Starting out slowly and learning step by step is a great way to advance toward the goal of becoming a graceful, sexy dancer. It is the spirit of the music that leads you on. Your personal trainer will choose latin music to dance to that has a fantastic rhythm to get your feet moving.

It is important to maintain good posture while you dance to latin music. Your personal trainer will remind you to keep your belly pulled in toward your spine and to stand up tall to maintain proper posture while dancing. Dancing with your core engaged does wonders to enhance core strength. The abdominal muscles hold your core so that you have a strong, flat mid-section which helps with balance as you do your latin dance moves under the instruction of your .

When sitting down for prolonged periods of inactivity, you tend to slouch your back forward and release your belly muscles leading to increase abdominal fat. The opposite occurs when you are standing doing latin dancing with the guidance of your personal trainer: you lose weight and get a slimmer mid-section. Latin dancing is a great way to lose weight with the help of your personal trainer.

Your personal trainer can show you the Samba which involves hip shaking and fast music that helps you to burn calories fast. You need to put in a lot of energy to do the samba moves to music, but dancing to latin music is fun when guided by your personal trainer.

Your functional trainer may work with isolation movements to focus on certain muscles to get you ready for the fast-paced latin dancing for which you will need to have toned abs. A good exercise that your personal trainer might introduce you to is to stand with your feet about two feet apart; lift your right knee up toward your left shoulder. And simultaneously swing both arms out toward your left side with your right arm crossing your torso. Your personal trainer will explain that this type of isolation exercise that can be repeated on both sides, is great to work your oblique muscles of your waist including your lower abdominals and strengthen your back.

You need your personal trainer to introduce you to scientifically proven methods that work to tone your body to help you become a great latin dancer while losing weight at the same time. Dancing can be so enjoyable, so combining dancing with losing weight makes the task so easy. Your personal trainer is a great help in guiding you to reach your fitness goals. For any further information, check out Functional Fitness Courses.

Personal Training, how long should you do it?

For How Long Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Hiring personal trainers have become extremely popular these days because of several reasons. They offer one of the best chances of attaining your fitness goals and also advise you on diet and nutrition; rest and work patterns and maintaining healthy habits. However, they are expensive too and you should have a general idea about how often you should workout under them.

personal training

Do remember that a personal trainer will always formulate a workout plan for you that is most effective and easy to follow. So discuss your fitness goals with her, let her understand your fitness level and then you may sign up for as many sessions as required.

How Long before your See the Results

The amount of time you should workout under a trainer depends on several factors such as your fitness goals, your present fitness level; your daily habits; meals and so on.

Ideally, it should take you about ten to twelve weeks before your body reflects your workout efforts. Any drastic change in your physical statistics is unhealthy and may lead to several ailments. You can become weak, suffer from injuries, become stressed out and may even want to quit midway. This is not something that you want; so invest some time to personal training so that you can sustain a healthy body weight and a strong physique for years.

As a Beginner

If you are a beginner, you need to work out more often under a trainer to enjoy the full advantages of personal training. It is advisable to book sessions three times a week and continue with it for at least three months. You can stretch it to six months for deriving maximum benefit.

This continuity will give your body enough time to adjust to the rigours of exercise. Trying out just two or three sessions will not yield any substantial result. Along with exercise, you need to develop healthy habits too such as eating right, sleeping well and abstaining from alcohol; drugs and tobacco. All this takes time; especially if you have developed several bad habits over the years.

Moreover, it is not fair to expect a trainer to show his true worth within a short span of three to four sessions. For more info, visit what is boot camp training?

At the end of three to four months, you can proudly show off your lean muscles and toned body if you have been exercising regularly thrice a week and following the instructions of your personal trainer.

As a Regular Gym Member

Even if you are a regular gym member, you can still derive enormous benefits which you were not even aware of, once you hire a personal trainer. Most gym members hit a fitness plateau as the workouts become repetitive and boring after some time. Working out for a month or two under a trainer can jolt your body out of its comfort zone.

Since you already enjoy a certain amount of fitness, your trainer will make you do more strenuous workouts that will challenge your body further. He will combine different workouts that will not allow your body to settle down and you will see further improvement after two to three months. For information on group training, check out coogee beach group training.

Not Losing Weight? Your Scale Might Be the Culprit

There are certain practices that you should do in order to stay fit and in a proper shape. You can join a gym, do yoga, cut down the oil consumption in your food, or start going for walks. These are proven methods of achieving weight loss for you but you forget that it takes patience to observe the results of these practices to come into fruition.

The most important thing according to you would be to purchase a weighing scale to keep a check on your extra pounds every time in an easy way. It’s a good habit to keep a check on your progress regarding your health but it’s not healthy to be obsessed with the scale.

losing weight

Makes You Impatient 

Owning a weighing scale is not a great thing to show your consciousness towards your health to the people around. It might help sometimes but not all the time. If you are engaged in doing some rigorous workout for losing weight you would want to check the exact numbers you are losing every time.

The most easily accessible tool for you to check your weight is the weighing scale and most of you all would not even know as to how many times you’ve stepped onto your scale in a day. The first thing you do the moment you eat something which you think is full of calories is to check the numbers on the scale and God forbid if you see a pound or two has risen up you would probably be upset or even scream if you cannot handle the stress of gaining a little weight that can be shed off.

Your weight is not the only thing that makes the person you are and it cannot be your parameter for calculating your happiness. You will see the fruits of your workout if you keep on doing it regularly. You don’t need to be impatient.

Closing Questions for Bondi personal trainer to Ask Prospective Customers

Good salesmanship is one of the most powerful ways of clinching business deals.  It is also something you will have learnt during Bondi personal training courses. As a fitness professional from if you want to develop this technique you have to have good knowledge of human psychology, and a service or product that people are interested in. With regard to the former requirement it will take that special skill to convert the client’s initial inquiry into a firm commitment.

Bondi Personal Trainer interview

The interview process

When a potential client approaches you regarding fitness training, important information you need to obtain from the client is (a) specific information on what the client wants (b) find out all pertinent information on the client (c) does the client have any hidden barriers with regard to fitness training. The client’s emotional state is very important. Once you know what emotions are driving the client you will have a better chance of getting them to enrol. You could also add some great client testimonials on your Bondi personal trainer – Facebook Page to make them feel more confident about joining up your classes.

Certain pointed questions will help you to gauge the client’s emotional state. So keep the following questions on hand which will help you to break down any barriers that may exist:


You have to get the client to own up as to what the three top priorities in their life are. Once you have the answer it will be possible for you to steer them towards making fitness training one such priority. Let the client know that good health will help them to better enjoy other aspects in their life. If health is already one of their priorities it will make it that much easier for you to give the final push and close the sale.

Generating Leads for Your Fitness Business with a Website

In this internet age, the fastest way to market your product or service is to connect to emails. If you are a personal trainer, then a fitness website can help you reach out to a lot of internet users in one go. Using social media to market your services is a great idea, but it does have a drawback.


With Twitter and Facebook, the flow of information is such that your marketing strategy can fly out of the window if you are not ready to pay these networking sites beyond a certain budged. However, writing interesting and useful content can always get you leads that could turn into loyal clients in future.

Therefore, if you want to connect with users in and around your city, then you need to keep these fitness marketing tips in mind. Check out for ideas.

Interesting content

Being a personal trainer, you are an expert on fitness and health. Start writing interesting write-ups or articles such as tips or benefits of following a disciplined lifestyle. Internet users are always looking for ways to improve their lifestyle and they will immediately relate to you. Writing on topics that you are an expert in will leaves a positive image of you, especially, when a reader likes your article. It will create leads that could turn into customers soon.