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November 25th, 2008
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In this post:

  1. Motrin gets a social media headache
  2. YouTube Live – the end of broadcast TV?
  3. Aussies (and some kiwis) flock to the Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World conference (catchy title!) in Sydney.
  4. What is a community manager? Find out, in the latest iJumpTV
  5. Linsk to other news stories

1. Motrin gets a social media headache

The socialmediasphere was abuzz last week about an ad for pain-relief pills Motrin. What was all the fuss about? Judge for yourself:

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If you’re not a mum, or particularly a babywearing mum, you might think it’s pretty innocuous. But these mums didn’t !

In fact, the whole thing caused somewhat of a social media firestorm . Motrin, to their credit, were pretty quick to respond individually to the most vocal bloggers, and took the ad down.

As Neville notes, this thing happened fast. And sometimes after the dust has cleared, the facts don’t seem so black-and-white. Consider this:

  • The most vocal complainants ran businesses around baby wearing. This doesn’t discount their opinion, or the offence they took, but it does explain it as perhaps a little self-interested.
  • This theory sounds even more plausible when you see only twelve comments on the blog of Motrin’s own marketing manager . Twelve? Don’t people want to take their complaint directly to the person who can make a difference? Or is it about making that response public, instead?

Check out my Delicious bookmarks for more in-depth coverage of this interesting case study. And please feel free to comment or ask a question, in the comments section below, or by return email (

2. YouTube Live – the end of broadcast TV?

On Sunday (NZ time) YouTube hosted its much-hyped YouTube Live concert , and was watched by up to 700,000 people around the world.

It was a lot like an MTV concert, except it combined “real-world” celebrities like Joe Satriani and Will.I.Am with web celebrities like Chad Vader and FunTwo (who is currently a student in NZ!).

I had mixed feelings. This is not the YouTube I know; for me it’s all about niches, finding the videos I want to find. But on the other hand, it’s a remarkable celebration of what YouTube has become in two short years. It’s a showcase to the rest of the world that there is a different kind of celebrity. And the involvement of the Joe Satrianis and the Will.I.Am’s shows that it’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

Twitter , as always, provided a conversation as the concert unfolded. Many enjoyed the idea, but not the content. Others, like French Silicon Valley entrepreneur Loic LeMeur , think that “TV is toast . Give it 3 to 5 years and it’s gone”. Change is on it’s way .

Here in NZ, a radio DJ and a cutting edge new media producer agree. Once people have tasted the possibilities of online video, there’s no going back.

Are they overstating the point? Or is he right? You tell me.

3. Aussies (and some kiwis) flock to OSNBC

Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World is a bit of a mouthful, which is why those who are live-twittering and live-blogging the event simply refer to it as #osnbc .

Judging by the tweets from the conference, day one was a little heavy on the advertising side, and people are looking forward to hearing more about the collaborative possibilities.

You can follow the conference, and read (in reverse chronological order) what’s been happening, here .

4. What is a community manager?

We talk about social media being the meeting place of outbound marketing and inbound customer service. These two sides of the business come together in the role of Community Manager.

In the latest episode of iJumpTV we talk to John Lewis, who’s a community manager for Ponoko . He’s got some really good things to say, including this marvellous quote from Heather Champ , Flickr ’s community manager:

Being a community manager is like being a pinata. People will hit you with sticks, and you need to give them candy.

Here’s the full interview:

5. Other social media news links

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How do you learn about Social Media?

November 15th, 2008
City of Las Vegas
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Want to learn about social media ? You could try our social media learning centre or book us for an intro-in-a-box session , or check out some of these events:

Here at iJump we’re planning some workshops and events for early next year. Stay tuned or better still, tell us what you’d like to see . We’ll be doing a mix of public and in-house workshops, so would love to know what’s on your mind.

Social media itself can make an event last long beyond the event itself.

For example, check out my notes from the recent visits of Professor Robert Lauterborn and Professor Lawrence Lessig . Professor Lauterborn was part of the ANZA event we blogged about last time .

And in the USA recently, there have been three conferences that have been very well blogged and twittered.

The Thin Air Summit in Colorado had some top-notch speakers, including Jeremiah Owyang (one of my favourite bloggers). You can read Jeremiah’s take on the summit, as well as insights from our friend Carol Ross , plus the official summit blog has a whole range of resources, including video.

As we write this, the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) are running their summit and research symposium in Las Vegas. You can access their papers & presentations , live video and their live blog .

And in Boston the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR, pronounced "snicker") hosted their awards just a couple of hours before I wrote this post, and live twittered it .

Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, I’ve been looking into the relationships brands can have with people through Twitter , and Marie has been exploring online video . You can too!

We also caught up with Episerver ’s Andreas Stjernström, who was travelling the country talking about online communities. Here’s what he said to us:

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A week full of online/digital/interactive events in Auckland!

November 3rd, 2008

Just in case you weren’t already really busy (as this time of year tends to be), there are a whole slew of online/digital/interactive-related events in Auckland this week.

On Monday, at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland you can catch the ANZA (Association of New Zealand Advertisers) prominent speakers forum from 3-5. The topic is "Welcome to the Future", it’s also supported by The Internet Bureau and CAANZ, and one of the speakers is the always entertaining (and sometimes right) Tim Flattery. Register here .

Also on Monday evening you can hear Professor Lawrence Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons and a much-revered figure in the online world, for free at Auckland University, from 6:30-8:30. Word on the street is get there early, this guy will be popular. Details here .

Tomorrow evening in Newmarket there’s the Ecademy Thirst Tuesday, where you can meet others who are using Ecademy and want to learn more together. Details .

On Wednesday The Internet Bureau presents "The Last Online Christmas" between 4 and 6pm. They’re looking at the changing face of retail. Details here .

On Thursday at 5:30 the IAB presents its Thirsty Thursday drinks , where APN interactive is promising to make two big announcements. Unfortunately I’ll miss them, because I’ll be at CAANZ ’s launch of the Digital Leadership Group , at their new offices in Parnell.

Finally, on Friday Intergen presents a lunchtime session with Andreas Stjernström talking about the importance of online communities in brand building. Should be good, and I’ll be bringing my video camera!

Andreas is also in Wellington and Christchurch. Details:

Wellington Wednesday 5 November, Level 7, 126 Lambton Quay – 4.30pm-6pm
Christchurch Thursday 6 November, Level 2, 158 Hereford Street, 8am – 9.30am
Auckland Friday 7 November, Level 2, 15 Huron Street Bruce Mason Centre, cnr Hustmere Road and The Promenade, Takapuna – 12.30pm – 2pm

To register for these free events, email .

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