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May 1st, 2008


It takes determination, vision and a strong conviction of what you do to grow. It takes a lot of agility to adjust to any form of change, whether you’re a start up, successful business owner, entrepreneur or a longtime survivor in the corporate world.

For example, Madonna has earned a reputation as the queen of reinvention, and even at age 50 dominates popular music.

Here are just some of the great examples I see every day, showing how real people, companies and corporates are starting to experiment with social media tools.

Kodak founded in 1888 has a blog written by past and present employees, sharing what they love to do. It features new products and most importantly lets Kodak hear its customers ‘feedback.

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance experimented with web 2.0 tools in 2005 (read more about their case study). A great example of a traditional player testing out the tools on their internal staff.

Australian bank Suncorp decided to bite the bullet and launch a podcast in conjunction with LJ Hooker, a move to get closer to a new generation of customers and bypass traditional media altogether.

Geekzone is a New Zealand online community of people interested in technology. In four short years, they’ve become a very influential group in this space. Feared and respected by the PR departments of both major telcos, Geekzone users are passionate about technology, and not afraid to share their views.

Wiggly Wigglers <— My pick of the week!!
Heather Gorringe, a farmer from Lower Blakemere Farm in rural Herefordshire UK, saw the potential to promote her farm products online to garden lovers. The accountant told her to close the business down. She went ahead regardless, finding out how to best use some of the social media tools. Now she’s running a successful online business marketing to the world. She blogs, she’s on facebook and she runs an audio podcast with her husband and friends that goes worldwide.

Who would have thought compost would be such a great example of web 2.0?

Bonus links:

Because you’ve been such a good reader and paid close attention, I’m going to give you two bonus links. Don’t tell anyone!

  1. Shiv Shingh talks about the mistakes companies make when employing social media
  2. Chris Brogan talks about the difference between pitching to mainstream media and to bloggers

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