University of Californina Berkeley is first to make courses available on Youtube

March 28th, 2008

Learning has just been taken to another level. I know universities and other learning institutions can be perceived as conservative and slow to adapt to change especially to new media. Yet, I’m impressed this university recognized the need to learn about social networking because their audience are either brought up with this technology or they’ve learnt to use it. And they expect it!

This is what corporates and businesses need to be comfortable with. Attracting students (your clients or potential clients) and keeping them is KEY for future 21st century survival.

If you’re serious about jumping in and experimenting with any social media tool and you’re a corporate, start by talking to the key decision makers in your company. This could be the CEO, Managing Director, Communications department, PR agency etc. Discuss with all concerned and then do it!

It sounds easier said than done but think of your customers.

I’m excited about this article because when I sit through a presentation or a lecture with no visuals I find it hard to concentrate. Even though the data may be of interest to me. Am I alone?

I’d like to hear from someone who works for a corporate company and is engaged in the social media realm. What was the transition like? We went to a presentation today and we hear that NZ Corporates are very nervous about blogging.

To read the full article click on the link below.

UCSF Today – UCSF Gains Positive Presence on YouTube, Social Networking Sites

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