Closing Questions for Bondi personal trainer to Ask Prospective Customers

Good salesmanship is one of the most powerful ways of clinching business deals.  It is also something you will have learnt during Bondi personal training courses. As a fitness professional from if you want to develop this technique you have to have good knowledge of human psychology, and a service or product that people are interested in. With regard to the former requirement it will take that special skill to convert the client’s initial inquiry into a firm commitment.

Bondi Personal Trainer interview

The interview process

When a potential client approaches you regarding fitness training, important information you need to obtain from the client is (a) specific information on what the client wants (b) find out all pertinent information on the client (c) does the client have any hidden barriers with regard to fitness training. The client’s emotional state is very important. Once you know what emotions are driving the client you will have a better chance of getting them to enrol. You could also add some great client testimonials on your Bondi personal trainer – Facebook Page to make them feel more confident about joining up your classes.

Certain pointed questions will help you to gauge the client’s emotional state. So keep the following questions on hand which will help you to break down any barriers that may exist:

  • Though a client may be keen to become fitter and slimmer they realise that going in for fitness training is going to cost. With other financial burdens to take care of, a commitment to take up fitness training might fall on the way side. So ask the client what three items they would think of purchasing at that moment.  Fitness training might not figure on the list. But this is where your salesmanship comes in. Tell the client that if he or she is in a fit and healthy state – it is the one important factor which will contribute to achieving other goals they may have.
  • Another question to put to the client would be whether they have tried any other ways to get into good shape. If the client has indulged in previous fitness training, dig deeper. Did such training work? Why did they stop? Listening is the key in this situation. If you find the client had previous aversions to any fitness regime, make sure you do not include the same in your fitness offer. Instead concentrate on the positive issues the client reveals, it will help to build a sense of trust between you and the client.
  • Some clients may get stuck on a particular health issue when asking for fitness training. Areas like losing a set weight, build-up of cellulite in the legs etc may be their main focus. You need to use a good sales pitch in this instance to educate the client on the overall major benefits of fitness training – how it will help them to become more positive both in mind and body.


You have to get the client to own up as to what the three top priorities in their life are. Once you have the answer it will be possible for you to steer them towards making fitness training one such priority. Let the client know that good health will help them to better enjoy other aspects in their life. If health is already one of their priorities it will make it that much easier for you to give the final push and close the sale.