Connect Now roundup #1 – servant of chaos

April 21st, 2010

What was Connect Now like? It was a blast. It was also an absolute privilege to be involved, as MC and also as a workshop presenter on the third day of the conference.

I’ve tweeted and blogged about it elsewhere, but I thought now was a good time to sum up my personal highlights of the conference. I haven’t included everything, just the things that stood out to me most as I surveyed the clouds on my trip back to NZ.

One of the things I discussed with friends on the trip was the slow food movement. I’m going to take the same approach to these blog posts. One thought at a time. Here’s the first thought … are you ready?

Gavin Heaton – Servant of Chaos

Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos) with Brian Solis' brand new iPad
It’s the second time I’ve met Gavin Heaton, and I am constantly impressed by how thoughtful he is, in both senses of the word.

Gavin’s thoughtful in the way he sees the strategic implications of social media (see his presentation here). And he’s also thoughtful in the sense of being considerate, recommending the Posterous blog for last year’s conference (which continued to be a valuable resource this year) and using Twitter to curate the conference experience, rather than just amplifying it.

It wasn’t anything that Gavin particularly said that struck me, it was who he was in the conference.

There’s something in that for brands.

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  • servantofchaos
    Thanks, Simon. It was a great conference - not just for the ideas, but also for the people. Especially the people. It was nice to hang out with you again ;)
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