Don’t come to the Auckland social media practitioners meetup

May 8th, 2009

We’re trying to keep the numbers manageable, so if you’re not sure if you’re a practitioner of social media based in Auckland, you’d best stay away from the meetup we’re having on Tuesday in Freeman’s Bay.

Enough said.Don't come to this meetup

(Kidding! We’d love to see you there!)

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  • And Jonathan, just to clarify, the sticking of the nose in the air was purely for laughs.

    Would be great to see you, although from memory you're in Rotorua?
  • we've got a large space guys, and i'm keen to meet everyone who is interested. Jonathan, come on down we'd love to meet you.
  • The post creates quite a conflict within my mind. This is at least the second thime this year a group that focuses on 'social marketing' where the point is 'inclusiveness', has stuck it's nose in the air (metaphorically) and told people not to come. ARe you guys based in Ponsonby? (LOL).
  • Ponsonby, not at all. Queen Street!

    Good point about inclusivity. This is really about scalability and the ability to have good conversations. And also, it's totally up to you (or anyone else) if they consider themselves right for this meeting or not. :)
  • nice reverse psychology simon!
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