Google wave – the beginning of something big

June 4th, 2009

Google Wave Google’s latest product, Wave, has launched amid great fanfare in the web developer community.

So what is it?

It’s essentially a reimagining of what we can do on the web – how email, document editing and chat would look if they were designed from a "clean slate" instead of emulating other things from the past.

You can read more at the Google blog , or save some time and read Jeremiah Owyang’s excellent summary .

My thoughts?

  • This will make many web 2.0 things very easy for beginners. Instead of having to master a suite of tools, people will have one platform that does many things, well.
  • Collaboration and document creation is the beginning, soon there will be an app that makes social media marketing even more accessible to many people.
  • Wave will take a long time to spread from the elite geeks who live and breathe this stuff, to the early majority, to the mainstream. And it will keep evolving to meet the needs of all those target audiences.

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  • I saw this on Wednesday and was blown away...I'm very very excited about how much this could enhance the social media game.

    Google - definitely my number1 LoveMark.
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