What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website that gets updated regularly. The name blog comes from the words "web log", and it’s both a noun (I have a blog) and a verb (I blog daily).

Blogs are used by people from all walks of life, from the stereotypical bored teenager expressing their angst, to CEO s to anthropologists to marketers to theologians .

Just like any form of publishing, a blog is as good or as bad as the content that goes in it.

Individual Blogging

Why would you blog?

For example, Paul Reynolds, IT commentator and head of web development firm McGovern Online, blogs at PeoplePoints .

When we interviewed Paul, he had two pieces of advice for aspiring bloggers:

See the interview with Paul

Corporate blogging

So if organisations don’t blog (see above), how does blogging work for an organisation?

It’s all about finding the voice or voices inside the organisation.

For example,

Hear ASB Bank’s Toby Hilless and Janet Meacher talk about how began. (Part one , part two ).

Interacting with bloggers

Sometimes companies aren’t ready to create a blog themselves, but they do need to engage with bloggers who are mentioning their product or brand. A few tips:

The tech stuff – blogging platforms

Blogging is easy to set up. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing from the many blogging platforms available.

This list is in order of popularity among the world’s top bloggers (according to this report ).

How we can help you with blogging

Blogging can play a part in a larger strategy. iJump can help you:

Most importantly, we make sure you’re working within a strategy that meets your business objectives. Blogging is great, but unless it directly meets your needs, it can be counterproductive.

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