iJump prepares your organisation for the future of business – a future dominated by real, human relationships. The rules have changed, and we’re here to prepare you in three ways: strategy, training and guidelines.

Social media is like a swiss army knife – it can do so many things for your organisation. One size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why we make sure to understand your needs clearly before recommending a plan of action. Yes, it’s great to jump in and experiment (we know that from our own experience!) … and experimentation can be a challenge when you have a successful, established team.

We uncover your big scary goal, your WOW outcome … and then work back to the one small (and measurable) step you can take towards that incredible outcome.

Contact us to start a conversation about your wow outcome.

Social media strategy

Discover the right strategy that fits your organisation’s goals, and also plays to the strengths of social media – authenticity and sharing. We’ll co-create a strategy that is uniquely yours – tailored to your needs, and your strengths.

Social media training

A strategy’s nothing if there’s no one to implement it! We help you find the people within your organisation who are passionate about communication, and train them up in social media tools. This service draws on Marie’s years of experience in customer service training and motivating people to meet company goals.

Social media guidelines

We work with you to create guidelines that are more than a policy in a folder, but instead become a culture that guides the way your people engage online.