How to subscribe to a podcast

February 10th, 2008

Podcasts are audio files that you can listen to on your computer, or on a portable media player like an iPod or any other MP3 player.

Podcasts work using RSS feeds to deliver you the latest file. There are many ways to subscribe to a podcast, but one of the simplest is:


iTunes is software that works with the iPod, but you don’t need an iPod to use iTunes.

You can subscribe to podcasts using iTunes several ways.

1. From the iTunes store

Search for the name or the subject of the podcast you’re interested in. For instance, to find Jump In, just search for “Jump In”.


You’ll see a whole bunch of stuff. Just find the one listed under “podcasts” and hit “subscribe!


iTunes will now automatically download the latest episode of the podcast. You’ll then be able to find it in your podcast directory:


(You can see a video tutorial here)

Here’s another way:

2. Cutting and pasting the feed URL

When you find a podcast – again, let’s take Jump In (audio) as an example – click on the RSS feed icon. The one we use is ipodicon.png

You’ll see something like this:


You could take the easy way, and simply press “Add to iTunes” … or you could copy the feed address, go to iTunes, choose “Advanced” from the menu and choose “Subscribe to podcast”.


It’ll bring up a box. Paste the address in the box, and voila! You’re subscribed.

There are plenty more ways to subscribe to podcasts. You could simply use an RSS reader, or one of the many other free podcatchers you’ll find here or here.

Find out more about RSS feeds, subscribing to videos, or how this site works.

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