How to subscribe to online video

February 10th, 2008

video.jpgYou can watch video online any time, on sites like YouTube and Google video, and even on this site.

But did you know you can subscribe to regular updates of videos?

There are many ways; here are two of them.

1. iTunes

This is just the same as subscribing to a podcast in iTunes.

2. Miro

Miro is a fantastic way to subscribe to videos and bring them all together on your computer.

To subscribe to Jump In! on Miro, first of all download Miro from

Then, click the video feed button on videoicon.png

You should see a page like this:picture-5.png

Copy the address, and then open Miro.

Go to the top menu, choose “Channels” and then click “Add Channel”


Paste in the address you copied.

Now you should see something like this:


When it’s done downloading, you can watch Jump In! in full screen glory!

Find out more about RSS feeds, subscribing to podcasts or how this site works.

Stuck? Confused? Let us know and we’ll help you stay up to date.

(Thanks to Pedro Aznar for the awesome pic!)

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