Jump In #14: Bebo founders Michael and Xochi Birch

February 28th, 2008

Bebo is one of the world’s largest social networks, dominating New Zealand and Ireland and a close third in the USA.

Bebo’s founders, Michael and Xochi Birch, share their insights into:

  • How marketers can engage the Bebo audience
  • How social networking is changing media
  • What’s the future of social networks?

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Referred to in this podcast:

  • Idealog magazine, where you’ll find a more detailed interview with Xochi and Michael in the latest issue
  • DLB Magazine, the publication of the Marketing Association, which features a piece by Simon Young, “Jump Into Social Media“. We have several spare copies – if you want one, just ask us!

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  • Cheers for the email and contact at TBI Simon :)

    I have decided to re-design ArtKlick to make it far more usable and focused on sales - so we are laying low until we have the new site up and running at the beginning of April. Very keen to develop a relationship with TBI, they have the best resource for the NZ creative community by far!

    In answer to your question of memberships related to usability VS how many friends are on each network: I personally went MySpace end 2006 - mid 2007 (due to friends), Then Bebo early 2007 - Present (due to friends) and Facebook Mid 2007 - Present (friends).

    If you are in the teens - early 20's you need a Bebo (I am 24 and I find it the easiest way to keep in touch with most of my friends) but at my age you also need a Facebook because a lot of friends (especially ones you met or are going traveling) seem to have it - and it is more professional and mature.

    There are usually some friends on both so you kind of need both. MySpace is dead - it is too slow, too full of spam and too hard to use.

    Thanks guys, great site - hope this info helps you and your visitors :)
  • Thanks Michael and James for the comments. I'm still on Bebo but rarely use it, because I know more people on Facebook. I wonder how much is determined by site factors such as ease of use, and how much is determined by share of friends on each social network?

    By the way, James I like your site. Have you talked to the folks at TBI.co.nz?
  • Hey guys great site and resources.

    Cool interview with the Birches, I easily converted from myspace to Bebo due to the ease of using the site and the amount of friends that were on it.

    And for the record: It was better than facebook because it DIDNT have apps (it does now).

    Check out this cool tour of the Bebo office: http://bebo.com/watch/4597790487
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