Jump In #25: NineMSN CEO Tony Faure

June 8th, 2008

Tony Faure, CEO of NineMSN (the Aussie cousin to msn.co.nz ) has 12 years experience in the online business – an eternity in this fast-moving space. Tony tells us his view of the online ad and publishing industry in New Zealand. (See part 2 of this interview here .)
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  • shouldn't you call Tony ninemsn's EX-CEO, seeing as he was booted about 2 weeks ago?
  • Thanks ADM for your comments! Nigh-VEE-a ... who woulda thought?

    Article PDFs? Keep your eyes peeled on simonyoung.co.nz ...
  • Simon & Marie,

    This was a SWEET AS 'cast, folks -- totally digging the new tune and the format -- and then, surprise of surprises -- you hit us up with the blooper reel at the end, amazing! Very very Seemic-y of you! Impressive in the main!

    Simon --> interesting in that all of the American expats based out here say Nigh-VEE-a as opposed to NI-vea...in Canada we used to say it as kiwis do, and I think it's got something to do with the Commonwealth and the French -- but you didn't hear it from me...

    Marie --> you're SO cute on these things, and you've GOT to get in front of the cam more often. But there was nothing wrong with your blogposts...what happened? Super format with the handhelds, postscript, and it totally WORKS, gang, totally! I'm so happy to see how the JumpIns have been coming along. Like a fledgling taking flight...I'm so proud of you guys.

    Simon --> for us EU-ites out here, would there be copyright issues were you to make PDFs of your nz marketing mag articles? Or can we find at the mag's site already? If not, I'd enjoy reading your column.

    With warm regards from Prague,
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