Jump In #26: NineMSN CEO Tony Faure, part two!

June 15th, 2008

The future of media is networks – not just social networks. Find out the big picture in part 2 of our interview with Tony Faure, CEO of NineMSN (part 1 is here ) … and where you can jump into networking online, in Marie’s interview with Simon!
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  • Interesting info for those that didn't know.

    Msn Nz/Au outsourced their search advertising to an external company. This company was in turn purchased by Yahoo. So Yahoo actually monetises the Nz/Au operations.
  • Again, WordPress amazes me. Didn't even know what gravatars were until you mentioned them. Don't tell anyone, will you? :)
  • Yes, you are using them!
  • Using gravatars here?
  • Hey gang,

    I'm not sure I'm swallowing that bit Tony mentioned about Messenger/Hotmail remaining core, "original/seminal" social networking products for most of NZ's population, or in Oz. Not in my experience in dealing with antipodeans, and it also sounds like something of a corporate shill, being frank (even though I'm ADM). I mean, you're not going to expect Tony to roast his mealticket, nor should we expect him to...

    Anywho...now with Google's buying out all of Yahoo's targeted ad spend, and with more and people cementing the mental link between Google = must-have results = I'm in on the conversation (and the corollary being that if I *don't* use Google to search for things, I'm just not "in" -- even if a better search engine can promise better, more targeted search results utilizing a better algorithm), I don't know where that leaves growing space for MSN and the Nine network.

    A great blog you might want to check out now and again is nuconomy, which busts out much of what I've mentioned about Google/Yahoo above:


    ps still digging the blooper reel. How about some more bloopers, postscript?
  • Good thoughts on baby boomers wanting to be young, so taking up the habits of the young. I can see that happening too.

    We don't use YouTube because they limit you to 10 minutes, and our editing skills haven't got _that_ good yet :) ... thanks for the feedback.
  • Interesting podcast.

    I was just writing a post on my blog about platforms before i watched this one. An interesting suggestion of traditional media alongside new media. I wonder what the implications of this would be for older generations, such as Baby Boomers (ie in New Zealand this segment is going to grow roughly 125k/people a year for next few years). However this demographic do very much respond to 'wanting to be young' so will emulate the younger generations. Case in point: facebook success in older demographics vs social networks designed for older people.

    I was wondering is there a reason you don't upload to YouTube? Blip.tv doesn't seem to stream too well (vs a video of same length on Youtube).
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