Marketing Now Roundup

September 27th, 2009

Laurel Papworth, iJump’s Simon Young, Stephen Johnson, David Armano, Jim Stewart, Gavin Heaton and Siobhan Bulfin at Marketing Now, 23 Sept 2009

Marketing Now was mind-blowing. I’ve been to plenty of conferences where we’ve discussed social media, this time we used it.

There was a level of audience participation I’ve only seen in the geekiest of conferences before, but most of this audience were marketers. I guess Aussie marketers are fairly advanced!

I had the privilege of kicking off the proceedings on Tuesday morning. Here are my slides:

And thanks so much to Luke Grange of Knowledge Solutions, who uploaded this video of my closing. I appreciate the video and your kind comments, Luke!

The Marketing Now conversation continues – including the question, what should this movement be called (it’s obviously not just about Marketing) – at the Marketing Now Posterous page.

Update: there’s also a fantastic summary by Trevor Young (no relation)

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