Personal Training, how long should you do it?

For How Long Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Hiring personal trainers have become extremely popular these days because of several reasons. They offer one of the best chances of attaining your fitness goals and also advise you on diet and nutrition; rest and work patterns and maintaining healthy habits. However, they are expensive too and you should have a general idea about how often you should workout under them.

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Do remember that a personal trainer will always formulate a workout plan for you that is most effective and easy to follow. So discuss your fitness goals with her, let her understand your fitness level and then you may sign up for as many sessions as required.

How Long before your See the Results

The amount of time you should workout under a trainer depends on several factors such as your fitness goals, your present fitness level; your daily habits; meals and so on.

Ideally, it should take you about ten to twelve weeks before your body reflects your workout efforts. Any drastic change in your physical statistics is unhealthy and may lead to several ailments. You can become weak, suffer from injuries, become stressed out and may even want to quit midway. This is not something that you want; so invest some time to personal training so that you can sustain a healthy body weight and a strong physique for years.

As a Beginner

If you are a beginner, you need to work out more often under a trainer to enjoy the full advantages of personal training. It is advisable to book sessions three timesĀ a week and continue with it for at least three months. You can stretch it to six months for deriving maximum benefit.

This continuity will give your body enough time to adjust to the rigours of exercise. Trying out just two or three sessions will not yield any substantial result. Along with exercise, you need to develop healthy habits too such as eating right, sleeping well and abstaining from alcohol; drugs and tobacco. All this takes time; especially if you have developed several bad habits over the years.

Moreover, it is not fair to expect a trainer to show his true worth within a short span of three to four sessions. For more info, visit what is boot camp training?

At the end of three to four months, you can proudly show off your lean muscles and toned body if you have been exercising regularly thrice a week and following the instructions of your personal trainer.

As a Regular Gym Member

Even if you are a regular gym member, you can still derive enormous benefits which you were not even aware of, once you hire a personal trainer. Most gym members hit a fitness plateau as the workouts become repetitive and boring after some time. Working out for a month or two under a trainer can jolt your body out of its comfort zone.

Since you already enjoy a certain amount of fitness, your trainer will make you do more strenuous workouts that will challenge your body further. He will combine different workouts that will not allow your body to settle down and you will see further improvement after two to three months. For information on group training, check out coogee beach group training.