Small is the new big

May 17th, 2008

I was in the middle of a huge blog post with lots of links directing you to companies that are using social media tools successfully. Then the sheer size of it put me off. If it puts me off how much more would it put you off?

I noticed I was to trying to share too much information. It’s so easy to do when there’s lots of great case studies.

Small is the new big and I’m working on it.

Ok, that off my chest, here are my top links for you this week.

  • How big companies can use social media : Chris Brogan, social media adviser, talks about how big companies can spark online discussions through top brand enthusiasts "the customer".
  • Jeremiah Owyang, analyst at Forrester Researcher, shares some of his findings on online community.
  • Podcasting growth is massive . Interesting how this medium is taking off. If you haven’t experimented with podcasting have a look at what’s happening around the world.
  • My pick of the week : "They don’t use social media in my industry." That’s what 23-year-old Jason Brown said about his fly fishing store . It didn’t stop him using social media, as he told John Jantsch .

What are we up to? We’ve started wikis for everything through this week.

We noticed we talk a lot about ideas that pop up each day. We’re swimming in them. Instead of having verbal diarrhea all the time, we’ve got a great place to share them and most of all write them down.

This way we give each other mental space! So far we’ve created wikis for almost everything like our ideas, thoughts, procedures, changes. They can be for business, projects, personal goals and so much more.

So far so good.

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  • Marie
    Hey Jason,

    Great to hear from you! Well done on implementing some of the social media tools successfully. I look forward to sharing your story with other similar businesses like yours here in New Zealand.

  • Jason Brown
    Hey Marie, I'm glad you liked the interview with JJ. I actually just spoke about the topic some more at the Blogging for Business conference this week (you can listen to the audio at

    Cool site and thanks for listening

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