Social media news roundup, 20 Oct 08

October 20th, 2008

What’s new in social media, in New Zealand and overseas? Here’s what:

Watch videos about online video

After a few weeks break, iJumpTV is back in action. We finish our interview with Regan Cunliffe from Throng , and our most recent episode is a conversation with Dave and Toby from Tandem Voice Booth , who talk about online video, podcasting and blogging. We also recorded a Watercooler Podcast (play the episode ) while we were with Dave and Toby.

There’s also our just-published online video page in our social media learning centre . We’d love your feedback. How could we make it better? We have some ideas, but we’d like to hear yours.

Twitter goes mainstream: OMG it’s Britney!

While Twitter continues to bemuse or repel those who don’t understand it (see my post Why Twitter is like God ), it’s edging its way towards being a mainstream medium. Britney Spears is now using the tool to communicate with her fans around the world.

Some coverage and analysis from UK communicator Neville Hobson and The Future of Music author Gerd Leonhard .

The Warehouse relaunches ecommerce site

It’s great news that one of New Zealand’s best-known retailers is getting into ecommerce, but it’s a sign of just how behind the times we are.

Can we get over the fear of ecommerce cannibalising real-world retail, and start thinking about what’s best for the customer? That’s the source of any truly winning solutions.

Darryn Melrose says the new site has video, but I can’t find it. However, Darryn’s other comments are well worth a read.

Social Media Fails Sometimes

The State Services Commission’s Jason Ryan writes a courageous blog post addressing the inevitable failures that happen with social media . Inevitable not because social media is flawed, but because it’s new, and implemented by failure-prone human beings.

Blog Action Day Highlights Poverty

Blog Action Day is a social movement that aims to highlight a particular issue by getting many individual bloggers to write a post on that issue on a single day. In 2007 it was the environment, in 2008 it was poverty.

My post brought together several other posts around the blogosphere. Poverty is a big problem, but the collaboration and cooperation shown on Blog Action Day shows just a bit of the potential we all have to be part of the answer.

Hot topic: social media measurement

As companies hit hard times, measurement and return on investment become very important. But is social media ready for the scrutiny marketers want to give it? Do we know the right things to measure?

Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang chaired a panel discussing this topic, saying what’s needed is not so much a dashboard (telling you what the stats are) but a GPS (telling you where you’re going) .

Here in New Zealand, IBM’s Chris Sparshott gives his thoughts on measuring the success of social software in the enterprise . I had the pleasure of presenting alongside Chris at last week’s NZ Software Association dinner.

Speaking of social media within the enterprise, ReadWriteWeb links to a study showing user adoption is the most important success factor for a new piece of software.

It kind of makes sense, and again points to the need for departments in organisations to come together and talk each other’s language. It’s a strong theme in the book I’m reading, The Game-Changer , which shows how innovation drove profitability for companies like P&G, Nokia and hp. The book’s not about social media, but it does point out that innovation is a social process , and I’m seeing lots of opportunities where social media tools can fast-forward the innovation process.

On the same subject of bringing teams together, here’s a fantastic PDF article by Tom Peters on 50 ways to Cross-Functional Excellence .

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  • Thanks - the video is under the 'design for everyone' tab. Nothing new for the internet, but a big step forward for a NZ retailer.
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