iJumpTV 72: m-learning, the future of education?

February 8th, 2010
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Education’s not working, whether it’s under-resourced classrooms in developing countries, or right here in New Zealand.

Could mobile phones be an answer? John Eyles thinks so. He’s part of the EON Foundation, a group dedicated to helping people use technology to really understand each other.

In this interview John tells the story of the Seuang River Experience, a project that combines entrepreneurship, much-needed aid, indigenous people determining their own destiny, and high school students from around the world discovering their own potential. And Twitter is involved, too!

Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, John looks at the demand for technology in classrooms. We can’t afford computers, say the schools, not realising that some pretty sophisticated technology walks in and out of their classes every day – in the hands of cellphone-owning students.

John takes us on a journey and lays down a positive challenge for educators in New Zealand.

What do you think? How could mobile phones be used to improve education – in New Zealand and around the world?

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Some Foursquare possibilities

January 19th, 2010

We’ve mentioned mobile and location-based social networking on this blog a few times before, and with good reason. It’s starting to get exciting.

It reminds me of the early days of Twitter, when a few people experimented deeply and more people didn’t quite see the point. Clue: there is no point; there are many points.

Mashable lists a few apps now available for Foursquare. Two of them are particularly interesting.

Yipit looks at the places you regularly check in, and keeps an eye out for specials. It’s not a new idea – I heard of similar ideas at a mobile commerce conference in 2001 – but it’s the first time it’s actually being done somewhere (in this case, New York only).

It’s a fantastic tool to build customer loyalty, and the technology does the heavy lifting for both the business and the customer. The customer doesn’t have to look for specials, and the business doesn’t have to look for the customer.

Last Night’s Check-ins offers a fascinating take on the future of history. It’s a very simple idea – it creates a diary for you based on your previous check-ins. When you write your autobiography, wouldn’t it be great to have resources like Foursquare so you can check exactly when you were at a certain place (if you hadn’t already tweeted it, taken a photo or written a blog about it!)

What are some more possibilities of Foursquare and its close cousin Gowalla? And what features will make one stand above the rest? And… whatever happened to Google Latitude?

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