What’s social media good for? Depends who you are.

March 16th, 2009

It’s hard to explain the value of social media because it’s good for so many things.

Different departments of an organisation can use social media for different purposes, and apply different measures. Here’s a partial list. Have we missed anything?


  • Increase web traffic
    • in order to increase ad revenue
    • in order to increase sales
    • in order to increase paid membership
    • in order to increase site membership and engagemen
  • Increase word of mouth marketing
    • in order to cut marketing spend
    • in order to create authentic, grassroots community -> co-create products, services
  • Grow database
    • in order to build long term customers
  • Brand win-back
    • Entrench brand loyalty
    • Build customer loyalty
  • Sales

    • Increasing sales through all channels
    • Leveraging salespeoples’ personal brands


    • Recruitment
    • Employer brand positioning
    • Revealing internal culture for recruitment
    • Education – explaining company’s role
    • Headhunting through social network sites
    • Training
    • Increasing engagement
    • Culture change
      • Opening up communications channels/dialogue
      • Breaking down silos


    • Telling your side of the story
    • Crisis management
    • Blogger relations
    • Media relations

    Customer Service

    • Reducing customer support costs
    • Increasing customer service quality

    Market Research

    • Generating consumer insights -> innovations
    • Brand sentiment monitoring


    • Get more attendance
    • Make event more interactive


    • Humanise the brand (thanks to Mr K for the suggestion)


    • Virtual teams/collaboration

    What’s missing?

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