Kiwi conversations around social media

December 2nd, 2009

A year ago it was hard to find a central place to find out what was happening in social media specifically in New Zealand.

Now we have a wealth of conversations covering social media in New Zealand on multiple levels. Here are the ones we know about:

Social Talk NZ features contributions from a wide range of social media types exploring questions and issues from a business perspective. Includes yours truly as a contributor, although I haven’t yet contributed since the #sy launch.Watch this space! Even better, comment on some of the posts already there.

Social Media NZ features more of the tech side of social media, and has an international team including contributors from Canada and Spain.

What’s interesting about these two efforts is their use of Posterous. Posterous sits somewhere between Twitter and blogging, and makes it very easy for people to create and comment on content. That’s an exciting space to watch, and may even deserve it’s own blog post.

And NZ’s arts community The Big Idea has some great discussions about social media from the perspective of arts organisations, with special guest Vicki Allpress Hill from The Edge venue in Auckland (we interviewed Vicki’s colleague Josie earlier this year). Although the conversation centres around arts, the issues (control of the message, authenticity, return on investment) are pretty universal.

There’s a weekly internet radio show called NZTalk, which features more conversation about social media in New Zealand.

And then we also have the NZ Social Media Network, which is not as lively as the conversations above, but is a great place to find others in New Zealand with an interest in social media. I’ll be posting this here and hoping to get some crossover between the network and these other exciting conversations.

If you’re in Auckland and want some real-life, face to face conversations about social media, come along to the NZ National Tweetup (yes I know, typical Aucklanders, we think we are New Zealand! :)

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