The paradox of consistency

May 11th, 2009

When you begin in social media, there’s a lot of conflicting advice. For example:

  • Experiment to find what’s right for you
  • Be consistent
  • Once you put anything out there, it’s there forever and can’t be removed
  • Make mistakes, you’ll learn from them

The problem is, they’re all true. Your end goal should be a consistent social media presence, whether it’s regular blog posts , YouTube videos , or conversations on Twitter.

Yet it’s inadvisable to try to keep a schedule when you’re operating in a vaccuum. Your schedule starts to write itself as you interact with your community. That’s when you start to find that you should write your blog posts every Tuesday at 10am. Or that your audience likes to watch your videos over the weekend. It all happens through relationship. And that takes time.

So in your search for consistency, keep the end goal in mind – relationship with your community.

How did you find your social media "rhythm"? (Or are you still trying to find it?)

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  • Lee Hales
    Another great post. I always enjoy your short, snappy but content rich posts. Still very much finding the way but I hope to find the right rhythm soon, with a little help from friends!
  • Thanks Lee!
  • We'd like to see more activity on the iJump Wetpaint site!
  • Thanks Ron... I vaguely remember us having a wiki! ;) Good reminder, that's a resource that could be very useful.
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