Twitter and LinkedIn finally introduce lists – a step towards social CRM

October 11th, 2009

listsWhat social media has been missing for a while is the ability to easily segment your network. Facebook allows you to create lists, but Twitter and LinkedIn have dragged the chain … until now.

Twitter is slowly rolling out a lists feature, that lets you put your contacts in specific lists. You’ve been able to do this already using desktop apps like Seesmic Desktop or Tweetdeck, but it’s great to have this built-in to the service itself.

What would be even better – particularly for larger networks – is intelligent segmenting. For instance, sometimes I’d just like to see my contacts who are in New Zealand, but at the moment I have to manually create a list. Still, it’s a good start.

LinkedIn has also introduced lists as part of its paid service, one of the first features I’ve seen that makes me seriously consider upgrading my account.

The way they’ve rolled it out is clever, too. Underneath all the usual options (Add this person to your network, Forward this profile, etc) there’s “Save [Name]’s profile”. You get the opportunity to sign up for a 30-day trial, after which I don’t think many people will turn back.

Nice one, LinkedIn!

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  • I'd like it if people could put themselves in their own peer / demographic lists, kind of like people applying #hastags to themselves.

    Eg I am a CEO, in AUCKLAND, interested in TWITTER

    You know what I mean. That way, i could work out which ones I want to pay attention to and these could become the basis of my own "watch lists"

    Like you blog btw well done
  • Thanks Stephen, really good ideas there. Hashtags have been a great grassroots way of organising information, but they're kind of a stopgap measure. I hope Twitter keeps developing smart features.
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  • An interesting idea :) It is good to see the 'big' players playing catch up for a change. SocialCRM has been a much spoken about concept in the arena of Business Social Networking for some time. WeCanDo.BIZ launched its fully integrated SocialCRM solution WeCanDoCRM within the WeCanDo.BIZ site in September 09. Large parts of the service are completely free and it enables you to truly make use of segmented market data for what you need it for....selling stuff! Also look out for WeCanDoCRM full Twitter integration very soon.
  • Thanks Chris, your product looks interesting.
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