What STOMP! can show us about social media

May 21st, 2009


Stomp! is extraordinary. We were treated to a performance last night by Josie from The Edge , who’s exploring social media (watch for our interview with her on iJumpTV soon!).

What struck me – pardon the pun – was how applicable Stomp was to social media – and to branding and marketing in general.

Like all live theatre, Stomp is a special mixture of meticulous planning and spontaneous magic. The set, costumes and acting make the performance look effortless and improvised, yet hours and hours must have gone into the super-smooth moves.

Being live, there’s also the possibility of audience interaction. We got that, a little at a time, when Kiwi frontman Paul Russell (former drummer for Supergroove and Eight) gave us two claps, and then – without words – indicated he wanted us to follow.

It was just two claps at first, but by the end of the evening we were collectively doing some pretty funky stuff. If I do say so myself.

And that’s what made it such an amazing experience. Not just that these amazingly talented artists were putting on an amazing show, but that they let us take part in it!

How can your organisation create that kind of magic, not just for, but with your audience?

(Image courtesy of Dereck Sanches )

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