Wise dinosaur

October 31st, 2007

Watch this space for the iJump show. The iJump show is a video podcast showcasing marketers’ & consumers’ opinions about how they use social media in their personal lives and in their organisations.

My first guest was Keith Norris Chief Executive from Marketing Association. He was funny and refreshing despite being a self proclaimed dinosaur. There’s something about being given permission to ask questions. I find it liberating and enjoyable because you never know what we’ll learn about the person and how they perceive the world.

It’s a dream to talk to people about social media and get opinions. Afterall our opinions matter. Who’s listening? Can we afford not to? Marketers are now facing more media channels than ever before. They’ll eventually get their hands on our demographic and psychographic data through the many social media sites like facebook, myspace, bebo that we’re part of. And guess who’s driving this? You and me.

Tomorrow I talk with Toby Hilless Chief Manager Retail Marketing at ASB.

p.s if you want to be interviewed on iJump send us an email at marie [at] ijump.co.nz

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